Reviews for Mortal Engines ( 2018 ) 720p

Dull and boring

By: gazbobk-28956
Painful to watch. To much cgi done poorly which made it look like a cheap tv show. Boring cast and characters, even 20 minutes in I had no emotion for the film. Reminded me a bit of in to be badlands but not as good and I'm not saying that show is any good.

Skip it and watch the news it might be more interesting.

Not bad, but awful if you've read the book.

By: jasonwhite-19878
I loved the idea, cities eating each other, but it hardly happens, the idea is introduced and then forgotten. The concept was great but I think Peter Jackson has lost the ability to adapt books. Lord of the Rings worked because the kept to the story and adapted it for screen, the Hobbit didn't work because they extended it into a bloated monster for screen and Mortal Engines fails because they have changed the story so much to make a their movie version. I didn't mind it when I first saw it, it's an ok film with great ideas that it doesn't really capitalise on but then I read the book.....

The nuanced villain has become almost comic book, despite Hugo Weaving's best efforts and the changes to make the Star Wars like ending took the tragedy from the finale. Hester seems hollow and her affection for Tom seems forced. Tom doesn't get to be our unwitting hero, with all his bravery that breaks down Hester removed and the tragic end is turned into an explosive pyrotechnic fest. Even Shrike's story is broken for no good reason, just to make Valentine even more evil and Tom less heroic. What a shame.

So, if you've not read the book, give it a go - there are far worse films - if you have, beware.

Awful- my first walkout

By: ksb77
Never walked out of a movie but I knew I was wasting my time. Should have gone sooner to be honest, I saw most of it but left 15 mins shy of the end. It was awful. Great special effects but that's really not enough. Predictable story, villains and pace is all over the place. One for the fans. Personally I feel like Peter Jackson and co have lost their way I know he didn't direct it but was heavily involved inthe production of this waste of time. Apparently this was one of his next pet projects but it lay dormant as he moved onto the hobbit ( also very average), don't think he would have done much more with other then stretch it into three 2 hour plus movies :). Save your money folks- I wasted my hard earned £20 quid on this rubbish .. shame on you Hollywood.

The Great Predator Cities

By: kevinlemenager
On paper, Mortal Engines seemed like it could've been the next big book to film adaptation. Turns out not even Peter Jackson could keep it from becoming a massive critical and financial failure. When I first saw the trailer, I was intrigued by the idea. My only hesitation was how overdone post-apocalyptic movies like this are. Still, the massively detailed special effects and small possibility of a hit were enough to get me to go see it. What I got was a complete mess that squanders its visual appeal. Mortal Engines is based on the first book in a series of five books. Peter Jackson's first mistake was handing the directing reigns to a visual effects supervisor. Mortal Engines centers on a post-apocalyptic future where mankind has turned enormous civilizations like London into mobile predator cities. They're highly impractical, but there's no denying how eye-catching they are. The biggest problem is definitely its characters. None of whom are played by recognizable actors (except Hugo Weaving). Hester Shaw is the scarred hero seeking revenge, Valentine is the villain with an obvious twist, and Tom is the reluctant tag-a-long who becomes the obvious love interest. The rest of the world is bland, unimmersive, and I was immediately turned off by an early joke about certain yellow icons. The only thing I was sort of interested in was Hester's relationship with an undead cyborg named Shrike. It sounds ridiculous, but I think they really had something there. Other than that, Mortal Engines never stood a chance.

No, No and Unfortunately... NO!

By: lara_croft_tomb_raider20
The only good thing about this movie is the trailer.

If you are a 10 years old kid who never watched any Sci-fi movie you would constantly clap and jump around while you are watching this one. But if you have seen great movies and you know what is original and what is not...

From the begining to the end you know what is going to happen. There is nothing surprising, nothing new, nothing would make you go "WOW!"

Okay, maybe not everything should be "new" and we know what is important is to create something new from the clichés, right? But nope, unfortunately the creators of this movie doesn't have any clue about that.

And yes, it is based on the books. So if the books suck, how can the movie be good and how can we blame the director, actors or the writers, right?

Well, the ones who read this review... You don't have to blame them but I will because they took my precious time and broke my heart! I trusted this... This thing I watched... This project of trying to make something... Something like a movie...

But it didn't happen. It seriously so-oo-oo-oo-oo BORING!

BTW: My 5 from 10 is because at least there is TRYING, you know...Ok, bye!

My friends fell asleep during the film

By: cghiglio
I don't know how people can rate with a good review, it's so boring. The story and the characters are not develop (and some of them disappear/appear with no reason), events disconnected, not even great actors.


By: simonjfloyd
The book is a good and easy read. The film, whilst stunning to look at, is dreadful storytelling with wooden characters. It is Twilight meets Star Wars. And not intended for sci-fi fans!


By: natsuka_arei
A post-apocalyptic world with steampunk theme, looks promising at first yet minutes after you watch it you will find it boring. Very mainstream ideas without uniqueness. To sum it up: It was a story about villain guy trying to take over the world with dangerous power. The betrayal then led the MC to take revenge over the death of loved ones and save the world by defeating the bad guy.

I struggle to keep myself looking on it and remind myself not to look at my phone (bet the guys on my right side thought the same haha they constantly gave hilarious comment on how silly the movie was. I also noticed several people in the cinema took out their phone, totally ignore the screen, probably as bored as I was) It was totally wasting my time, except maybe I have materials to write a review about it. Haha.

A lot of plot holes in it especially if you don't read the book. So many unfamiliar terms in it. They didn't explain the background of the world they live in. Every character in this movie don't have a decent amount of character development. Pretty shallow and forgettable. It seemed they just throw out the characters without any necessary things to do (only 3 character I see really have lines coherent with the whole story: Hester, Tom, Thaddeus, probably Fang. The other appearances weren't significant to the story imho). Their relation with each other feels forced, bet you will find yourself hardly moved or connected with the characters.

There's no chemistry, the love story at both MC felt enforced. The battle scenes were ridiculous. Even the CGI itself looks cheap. The only one thing able to spark my interest a little bit (and the only reason I gave 1 star) was the past of Hester with Shriek. Even though that part was interesting (with...flaws of course), I could say it didn't save the whole movie. Another thing, I find myself several time pissed off by how stupid the characters were.For ex, there are several moments the character did unnecessary thing which would be illogical to do considering the situations they were in. Maybe it purpose was to give a bit of drama tone, or...just for joke (but it wasn't funny if it was supposed to be a joke)

Totally against you to watch it. Go watch Aquaman, it will save your day.

I enjoyed it

By: mr_thewizard
Clearly its one of the best movies to come out this year, the story and the idea are quite new, don't think there is anything that came out had the same idea. Acting was a bit low in my opinion thats why it didnt get that high of rating I think. Graphics and sound effects are worth watching it in iMax not in normal cinema as you will be missing a lot.

Teenage Liberal Mutant Fantasy

By: kkmoeigep
This movie is like watching a screenplay written by entitled millennial Antifa supporters. If you loved The Last Jedi and revel in that liberal fantasyland where all of the bad guys are white Europeans and all of the good guys are everybody else, you'll love this movie.But aside from the predictable, boring liberal ninjas who repeatedly stab the colonialist Londoners, this is actually a bad, bad movie. Bad writing, bad acting and just plain boring. It has no redeeming qualities whatsoever.By the end of the movie, I was cheering for Elrond.

Good sci-fi action

By: simonpetri-81093
Better than I was expecting. Most sci-fi fans should like this. Lots of reviewers seem to look too deep and over-analyse. Just sit back and enjoy the ride!

Human instruments, fatal mechanisms

By: Quebec_Dragon
I already know it's gonna get bashed for seemingly ripping off elements of Star Wars, but I think It's kind of an unfair criticism and I loved the film. Let's get that part over first: there are at least two main elements that might make you think Star Wars near the end. They're somewhat similar but not really the same and play out differently in a very different setting with different components.

So I thought the high concept of the movie - motorized cities rolling on land - might seem ridiculous, but I gotta admit it worked for me and made the movie feel fresh. That starting chase sequence between the two towns was original and memorable. There were other spectacular action sequences, including one involving buzzsaws, with great special effects, but I gotta admit the melee fights were weak as they were of the chaotic, frantic-cut variety, except perhaps those involving Shrike that were better. Regarding that undead cyborg Shrike, I loved pretty much everything about him: his look, the way he moved, his back story and his story arc. Probably my favorite character, but the others were interesting too, and the acting was solid overall.

The production design was excellent with several fascinating cities and/or vehicles with a certain steampunk design vibe. Special mention to the location where the giant London tank threads passed. Visual effects were outstanding with sights you might never have seen before. Music was very good and appropriately grand when called for. I liked the story despite feeling a slight déjà-vu in the last part. This future world creation based on the novels was very well portrayed and captivating to me, and I wanted to learn more about it. Overall, the film was a very nice surprise, quite different than the usual sci-fi/fantasy blockbuster, at least in its setting. To be honest, until the last act I was going to recommend this film without any real reserves, but then it felt as if had to explain certain things.

Rating: 8.5 out of 10 (Remarkable)

Big names on the car, amateurs behind the wheels

By: Field78
December is often the month to look out for one of Peter Jackson's fantasy spectacles since he and his writing partners Philippa Boyens and Fran Walsh revived the genre 17 years ago with The Fellowship of the Ring. He has since treated us to two superior sequels, a pretty solid King Kong remake, and an underestimated Hobbit trilogy. A year ago we already saw teaser trailers for Mortal Engines, which did what teasers should do: they make us hungry. And of course, it had Jackson's name proudly displayed all over it. But don't let that fool you, because he didn't direct this one.

That is no problem in itself, because Jackson on the producer's seat gave us the masterful District 9 (another underrated gem worth watching) and The Adventures of Tintin (technically a Spielberg movie, but still). However, in this case, his script contribution and Christian Rivers on the director's chair are by far the biggest problems of the movie.

A world where huge cities are turned into moving vehicles sounds like something that could be very cinematic, and indeed, it looks great on screen. Especially the parts where a huge predator city swallows and recycles a smaller one is exactly the kind of imagery that the makers must have envisioned. There are more beautiful locations in the film, like a city in the air, some good ideas and action scenes, and the film sells these things well enough for me not to question the logic of it. But this is as far as good worldbuilding goes, because the (back)story and characters are used in a most uninspired fashion.

A good director knows how to balance exposition with advancing the narrative, but Rivers clearly lacks such talent. The first 15 minutes are a barrage of expository conversations with clearly no other purpose than bringing the audience up to speed. Afterwards, the characters remain nothing more than one-dimensional archetypes throughout the movie (the silent heroin, the young hero with an unfulfilled talent, the hammy villain with world-domination ideas, the brown-nosing creep), and some even disappear from the film without any narrative consequence, which says something about the quality of the script (more about that later).

A cast full of fresh faces is usually a good thing compared to miscast band of A-listers, but most of the bit players get too little screentime or act too badly to make a good impression. A band of racially diverse heroes is introduced very late in the story, which is a mistake because the movie doesn't emotionally invest in them, so we couldn't care less about their fate. Not that the actor's direction is of any help, by the way. Hera Hilmar is downright boring and unbelievable as the tough protagonist, and Hugo Weaving does a uninspired bad guy act that fails to generate any sympathy. Robert Sheehan as Tom seems to be the only one having some fun with his role.

There is not much joy to get from the storytelling part either, as the by-the-numbers plot clearly took a backseat to the visuals here. Most dystopian sci-fi movies make grateful use of their universe's mythology, and the beginning is promising. But the backstory is quickly used as an excuse to have the villains search for a very powerful item, with the heroes drawn in to stop them through way too many badly written coincidences. If this sounds like a cheap version of The One Ring, you're not wrong.

To spice up the heroine's motivations, they invented a dead-end subplot featuring some sort of green Terminator, but like lots of other things in this movie, this is just a nice idea, badly developed, and thrown in without proper motivation or catharsis. The film takes itself much too seriously with hardly any moderating humor, and the cheesiness towards the end becomes so bad that the 'shocking revelation' (a clear rip-off from another fantasy series) amounts to absolutely nothing.

How a big studio allowed this film to be helmed by a storyboard artist with only two short film segments under his belt is anyone's guess. I assume Rivers was accomplished enough as an artist to sway them with his intended look for the film (which is absolutely the most positive part of the film). Jackson probably vouched for him, and got poor Hugo Weaving involved to secure the budget. Jackson shouldn't be blamed completely for giving promising talent a chance, but he, Boyens and Walsh should seriously contemplate their contributions to the screenplay. Three Oscar-winning writers who managed to get the unfilmable Lord of the Rings novels to the screen should be able to do substantially better than this.

I know we have been spoiled by series like Game Of Thrones where there is ample time to set up story, subplots and characters, something that is always challenging in a 2-hr movie. But when you want to start a new fantasy franchise, at least put a certified cook in the kitchen who knows how to balance the ingredients, and prevent it from becoming the next Golden Compass.

A dull and lifeless ride

By: eddie_baggins
In all honesty, I wasn't expecting much from Mortal Engines.

A film that feels like it's come out too late in the dystopian piece, this Peter Jackson produced blockbuster has had a tough time convincing audiences that they should spend their hard earned dollars on catching it while it plays in cinemas but despite my low expectations and willingness to be pleasantly surprised, Engines left me cold, empty and rather disappointed in that it failed so miserably in giving its world a chance to succeed.

So many elements of debut director Christian Rivers cinematic tale feel underutilised, under-cooked and under-developed, as we are quickly introduced to a future world landscape where humans have decided to build moving cities and roam the planet searching for resources, after a cataclysmic event wiped out a large portion of Earth's population and civilisations.

Before you have much of chance to blink, we're introduced to a moving London, Hugo Weaving's scheming Thaddeus Valentine, Robert Sheehan's kind-hearted history buff Tom Natsworthy and Hera Hilmar's main protagonist Hester Shaw, who seeks vengeance against Valentine for past wrongs but in around all these introductions and numerous by the numbers action scenes, there's carefully little time spent on making any of it matter, disallowing us an audience to ever feel even slightly invested in what occurrences take place.

Its all seriously frustrating, as this steampunk world seems like one that's open for exploration and the film often looks visually stunning thanks to the VFX work and set design, but it's a cold and far to basically developed universe to feel lived in and alive.

Rivers struggles to explain why humanity decided its best option was to develop a collection of moving cities, there's almost no talk of what happened before these cities took shape and who on earth are the ancient ones and why does a Terminator named Shrike decide to adopt a human child?

These are just some of the questions and thoughts that for some reason the team behind Engines decided not to answer and you can't help but escape the feeling that a first time director wasn't the storyteller required to bring Philip Reeve's novel to the big screen, with trite dialogue, awkward pacing and bad performances a staple of this film that could've been.

You can sense the actors struggling with the material and while the only recognisable faces in the piece in the forms of Weaving and a motion captured Stephan Lang try their best gruff guy takes, relative newcomers Hilmar and Sheehan fail to inspire, while Asian megastar Jihae comes in too late in the piece to add any real spark to the piece as her rebellious pilot Anna Fang.

Final Say -

At its best a half-baked attempt to create a unique new movie universe, that's only saving graces are some neat visual flourishes, Mortal Engines is close to an entirely charmless and lifeless exercise in big budget filmmaking that appears destined to be one of the growing number of high profile failures of 2018.

2 Minions out of 5

Have some potential but boring & predictable.

By: raudafitriani
I've seen a lot movies like this, so I think this movie is not for me - it's for the newcomers. Great visuals, CGI looks good also the cinematography but the story has some flaws and the characters are flat and annoying. Useless sub plots, I don't think it's necessary and lame.

Zero empathy for characters, wasted talent of Hugo Weaving - the only reason why I want to watch this movie. Although the first scene of the movie looks promising.

Another thing that I hate about this movie, there's some line in this movie like "I don't want to tell you." then they looking at each other, and then "5 years ago..." and I'm like.. w-what.. the hell...

Only for visuals.

By: wwwranga
When saw the trailer i expected a lot from it,after watching a movie it gave a big disappointment.Story telling was too worst and even one single character wasn't good enough.there is nothing good in this movie except visuals. So,wait for bluray print and watch it at home.


By: kees-kleijmeer
I had high hopes for this movie, I really wanted to like it, I absolutely love the fantasy setting, CGI looks great.I didn't know the movie was based on a book series, but early on in the movie I thought to my self, this movie feels like it is based on a book story of which they are leaving a lot of important stuff out. And what do you know...I'm not even going to go I'm detail about everything I didn't like, it just felt lazy written and filled with dumb clichés.

Visually Stunning, lacking everywhere else.

By: krishkrkhatiwada
The movie starts with a great sequence introducing us to the post apocalyptic-steampunk world, and how it works. But from their on the movie is predictable and rushed, with story lines that you have seen elsewhere and executed better elsewhere. It's predictablility wouldn't hurt if the story and most of its characters were compelling enough to allow the audience to be invested and care. As the third act of the movie began I quickly tried to rummage through the entire movie trying to justify watching the movie and I was left with only a few reasons. One of them was the world created.

Standout character: Shrike, solid arc and amazing design. (You have seen this character in the trailer).

Great CGI and that's about it

By: helenamfsoares
Like many reviews said, you can easily spot other films' plots in this one. Predictable, basic and 0 empathy for characters. Save yourself some money and watch it at home when available.

Pretty but stupid

By: thomasgabs
Absolutely gorgeous imagery but there is no coherence to the plot, the whole world the movie is set in is built very weakly from a storytelling perspective and the characters are annoying. This just feel like a joyless cash-grab attempt at starting up a lazy preteen cinematic universe with WAAAY overused cinematic tropes.

I do not recommend, save your money for a new pair of headphones or whatever it is you kids are into because that's who this movie is for.