Reviews for One More Train to Rob ( 1971 ) 1080p

A Western Semi-Comedy With A Great Plot.

By: ptsj-music
I have watched many bad westerns over the years and from the first minutes I was afraid that this was just another. Something close to The Villain, a horrible western comedy from 1979 where the most funny part is Kirk Douglas' horse.

One More Train To Rob is not just one more silly western, and it soon becomes surprisingly well made, with good acting, great stunts, not all to much shooting and almost no bad clich├ęs. The characters are real, the props too and even the studio backgrounds look great. Most is simply pure quality. Only in the beginning the light setting is over done. The actors are not trying to be funny at all, neither does the director, and it works. Though it seems on occasions as a parody, perhaps to be considered as kind of a semi-comedy, with just a few a bit silly parts. But there's always an intention to it, and it doesn't really matter, cause it's a true western all the way and most pleasing of all, it has a great plot, with some surprises as well. And the good beating the bad in the end, at least kind of.

Exploitation of Chinese immigrants

By: bkoganbing
Showing some of the same character as his Hannibal Smith leader of the A-Team, George Peppard plays an amiable outlaw who takes the fall for a train robbery. After serving a sentence in prison Peppard gets out and finds that his close associate John Vernon has married Peppard's woman Diana Muldaur and is now quite prosperous and he and his former gang are exploiting Chinese immigrants who originally came to the USA to work on the Central Pacific Railway.

This was a year or two before David Carradine's Kung Fu series debuted and where Asian Americans got themselves a western hero. Not talked about too much, but the Chinese and Japanese who immigrated in such numbers were the subject of punitive laws that denied them any kind of rights just as you see here in One More Train To Rob. I don't think that Vernon's Irish brogue was an accident either. A man named Dennis Kearney an Irish immigrant was the leader of a vigilante movement in California against the Asians that cost many lives.

For some reason One More Train To Rob is singularly unavailable. If broadcast I suggest you watch it.

Engaging lightweight Western

By: lorenellroy
The plot of this movie may seem familiar to Western devotees and so it should because it is essentially the same as that deployed by Brando in his sole directorial credit One Eyed Jacks ,namely an ex jailbird bent on revenge on a former associate ,now a man of wealth and substance ,who he feels has double crossed him .Where the movies part company is that Brando used the plot as the vehicle for a grim almost Jacobean revenge tragedy ,this movie takes a lighter ,friskier tone Peppard plays the wronged man ,one Harker Fleet ,who seeks to get back at his former associate in crime ,Timothy Nolan -well played by John Vernon.They are rivals for the favours of Diane Muldaur and also vie with each other in striving to rob an elderly Chinese man of his gold Andrew V McLaglen -who along with Burt Kennedy was virtually the only man directing Westerns on a regular basis in the USA during the seventies-keeps things moving briskly and the action is vigorous and well paced .Good performances and a tongue in cheek script help maintain interest and the result is a diverting second tier Western that many people will enjoy

One of the Best Westerns

By: ferrell
George Peppard is excellent with outstanding support from John Vernon and Diana Muldaur. A great old-time western with twists and turns, humor, action and Victor McLaglen at his best. It is certainly his best western movie.

I would love to be able to see this again. I'm sure it will come to DVD someday, but what's holding it up?

I haven't seen in on television in years. Have people totally forgotten about this lost jewel?

I've been watching for it to come available for years. I hope a number of others who have seen it bother to comment in the hope that it may affect the decision to release it.

Andrew V. McLaglen's Best Directed Western

By: Bob-45
Andrew V. McLaglen ("McLintock!" "The Way West," "Shenandoah") outdoes himself with a slight of a story, "One More Train to Rob". Clearly George Peppard's funniest and, perhaps, best performance as the "good, bad guy train robber" cheated by his friend, John Vernon (also a fine performance) out of his share and out of his woman, Diana Muldaur. Muldaur, as always, combines beauty, brains and class. However, here, she even manages to be funny and sexy. She and Peppard have great chemistry. The movie has some surprising twists and turns, and even a social conscience. The plight of immigrant Chinese during the 19th Century and the racial injustices shown them deliver a surprisingly effective subplot. "One More Train to Rob" is one of my favorite westerns, and I'm so happy it is finally showing on ENCORE WESTERN Channel. I give it an "8".

Wonderfully Underrated Western!!!

By: andell
It is astonishing to me that, in the world of the modern Western, no one studio has been willing to give this movie a release on home video or DVD. Astonishing, and disappointing, for it truly is a jewel, and features some fine action sequences and performances.

In the film, George Peppard plays Harker Fleet, a dashing blonde haired Cowboy who was apparently served a stint in prison while his former comrade Timothy Nolan (played by John Vernon) got away both with their last big score, along with his woman (played by Diana Muldaur). Upon his release, Harker is determined to even the score, and sets about his task by aiding a local Chinese commune that is being preyed upon by Nolan and his henchmen.

One fantastic action sequences has Harker slipping out to a barn, knocking out a handsome henchman, tying him up, and using the same rope to pull himself up so that he can listen in to a meeting between Nolan and his associates. Another has Harker knocking around Nolan's chief henchman Jim Gant at a party, while the Chinese infiltrate Nolan's compound and recover a prisoner who was being held for ransom.

This was what classic Westerns were all about- men dealing with the bad guys not only with their guns, but also with their brains, and at times, with their fists. It is this intermingling of Harker's brains, braun, and skill with a six-shooter that makes this a very worthwhile film.

Notwithstanding what I felt was a very sloppy and annoying performance by Diana Muldaur (in the film she seems so obnoxious and stodgy that you expect she was in part responsible for betraying Harker in the first place), this is a fantastic film, and I give it very high praise!