Reviews for Dead in the Water ( 2018 ) 1080p

"An all female crew--" You realize in that line alone that it's going to be bad.

By: The_Techpriest
"An all female crew--" You realize in that line alone that it's probably going to be bad. And to no ones surprise, it is.

The characters are utterly incompetent, over emotional, shrieking and mewling creatures that cant do anything right. It's like a wet dream for people who enjoy hating on women, which kind of makes you wonder what the purpose of it was in the first place.

If you can somehow look past that (and that's a big if), the camerawork, music and such is okay. The CGI is laughable, but then i reckon it didn't have much of a budget.

All in all, you cant just look past the writing and characters. The movie is absolute trash.

This film just reminded on why I dont watch the syfy channel.

By: whitemanfromtowne
A crew brings aboard a guy who is infested with some unknown parasite and causes real havoc on the all female crew ship, and they all start being killed. This film just reminded me on why I don't watch the syfy channel.

Girl Power

By: doorsscorpywag
Bunch of girls on a ship chasing naughty illegal Chinese fishermen get themselves into a tizzy when the engine claps out.

With no men on board to help they are left to scream and panic.Part Alien part Descent part lots of things.

Not very good. Acting just about passable. Story pretty pathetic.They should have known to take a man along.Bruce Willis would have solved their problems in the first act with his brute strength and intelligence but sadly he was not on board.

Had a couple of good ideas but in the end was not really much of anything.Passable if you are bored on a wet Sunday afternoon.

Very entertaining syfy channel movie

By: kyleallencole9
I caught this one in October on the syfy channel.I enjoyed it and found the acting to be above average. The effects were decent as well. It involves a female sailing crew who rescue a survivor from the sea and find themselves under attack by an unknown force.

A crew of women stuck on the high seas with some... thing

By: Wuchakk
An icebreaker vessel in the far Pacific with an all-female crew rescue a stranger from the ocean and are then forced to fight for their lives against an unknown enemy while a massive storm looms.

"Dead in the Water" (2018) is a TV thriller/horror that combines "Dead Calm" (1989) with "Alien/Aliens" (1979/1986) and maybe a little bit o' "Ghost Ship" (2002). While it's not as good as any of those flicks, it's not bad. The movie was shot on an actual vessel, a small one, but the surrounding sea is cartoonish CGI and it's too obvious.

If you can get past that, the actresses are all convincing and the script builds some suspense as the truth about what's really going on is slowly unveiled. I liked the tie-in to the Marianas Trench, the deepest natural point in the world located in the Western Pacific, and the F/X concerning the corresponding component (I'm trying to be vague) are quite good, unlike the fake-looking waters around the ship.

To be expected in a situation like this, none of the women are made out to be alluring sirens. It's a research vessel amidst a storm and they're all appareled with work clothes. Nevertheless, they're a diverse group with most of them being appealing, one way or another. My favorite is Sparks (Christia Visser).

The movie runs 1 hour, 30 minutes. REST OF CAST: Nikohl Boosheri (Dana), Nicole Fortuin (Kat), Bianca Simone Mannie (Gwen), Skye Russell (Rusty), Tanya van Graan (Erika), Amy Louise Wilson (Michelle) and Brandon Auret (Stranger).