Reviews for Nobody's Fool ( 2018 ) 1080p

horrible script

By: AziziOthmanMY
This is not funny coming from TH, she is straight up UFUNNY in this movie.


By: holidayhomecare
The acting is so bad I cringe. Tiffany whats her name is so over the top it's just too much and the other one lacks everything. Really bad movie. Good concept if it was played by other actresses, Would have, could have - giant fail

Typical Perry

By: agon0244
Typical Tyler Perry movie -

"Let's make a movie with loud black people in it and make sure there are no white people in it cuz white people are the devil"

nuff said...

Died laughing!!!??????

By: jojomaurice911
Omg TIFFANY HADDISH is rediculously funny! Anyone who could literally sit there and rate this movie bad and say they didn't laugh, have no sense of humor at all or saw the wrong movie! This move is incredibly funny and I would highly recommends it to anyone! If you enjoyed girls trip, then you would love this movie as well!

Why are their pictures of two white women in top billing

By: melee-35065
Tiffany Haddish and Tika Sumpter have top billing not the white women. FIX IT!!!!!


By: camro-43154
This is THE most unfunny movie I have ever seen. Unfortunately we sat there in complete agony for about an hour, before getting up and leaving. Tiffany Haddish is not funny. Her stand-ups suck monkey nuts, and her over the top personality is so annoying. I will never go see another movie with her in it.

Writers Block!

By: rankinsb
When Tyler Perry write something that he thinks work in one movie,he continues to bring it to the next. I think he should give up movies and return to his plays. ??

Disappointing waste of money

By: martinapyoung
I generally try to support Tyler Perry movies and was looking forward to some good laughs but was very disappointed in this movie. When I walked out I wish I had gone to see the Grinch instead. There were very few moments that generated laughter. Most of those were the clips that have been used on TV for promotion. Outside of those moments it was just a blank stare at the screen. The movie felt like Tyler Perry was going over the top in trying to prove that he could write a vulgar movie. Have been spreading the word for others to save their money and not waste their time going to see this one.


By: msmith-09824
I thought I was a Madea hater but realized it's not Madea but its Tyler Perry. A waste of time and money. I was begging for it to end and when it did end it was as stupid as when it begun. Its beyond me how anyone thinks this movie is funny. The funniest part was the sex scenes and all the funny faces that were supposed to be realistic. Horrible and I found out Madeas funeral isn't madea being buried but someone else.

Really Tyler???

By: hiphopphotos
As a Tyler Perry fan, I am not only surprised, but I'm in shock! This producer, writer and plain ol good actor really needs to take a good look at his production team. I'm not sure if they're a bunch a youngins that do not have his and their best interest in heart, but this movie gave me a splitting headache. The acting was horrific and the jokes were so played--totally buffoonery. I want my money back! The commercial looked corney, but I still gave it a try-after all it was a Tyler Perry Joint!Sadly, I don't think he worked at this film at all-the profanity did not help either-who acts/talks like that allllllll day! Whoopi was good as she is a pro-but I'm sorry she's a part of this hot mess-and as for Chris Rock-Really-still acting like "Pooky" ;(Those who said it was good, really have no clue of entertaining cinema! And another thing-I'm really tired of "black-movies" having the same ol jokes/narrative/themes and actors! Can we please cast new faces Uuuuggggh ;(

Not funny

By: daughterof_ann
A disaster ,corny and waste of money and time of a movie!ATTENTION:Tiffany Haddish is not funny!She's trying too hard, forced,not a natural whatsoever.Please stop shoving her down our throats!

Great laughs

By: danikahayes
Great laughs and great twist on movie!! Don't take kids to see it tho

Wasted Millions to make this trash

By: miketanu-50421
Its hardly funny. Nobodys fool just became everybody's fool for watching this.

The only spoiler I have for you is the time you'll be wasting.

Haddish came thru

By: davidepsteiniphone
In comparison to Night School, Haddish clearly performs better in control of the plot. The reliance of the other characters on the actress was a brilliant grab of interest and hope. The movie did not disappoint. A realistic portrayal of the exploration and simply search for independence highlights the world we all would like to have without the care that is essential to civilization. There were more than funny parts of the movie after the movie wakes up a quarter in.

Worst movie ever

By: jadrianwalkman
Personally, i didn't like the movie AT ALL... It was shallow and boring.

Worst movie made in years.

By: scottjmcnamee
People were leaving half way through the movie. From start to finish this is a horrible movie.

Just okay

By: jgarrison831
I guess that I shouldn't have expected more but I did because of Tiffany Haddish. But it was the typical Tyler Perry movie and it was corny as hell! I definitely could've waited for HBO!

Should've premiered at Redbox

By: foggybottom4447
I bought a ticket for another movie, but because of an unforeseen issue with a projector, I ended up sitting through this pile of hot garbage. This movie was just terrible and not funny at all. The best thing to come out of all this was I didn't have to pay to see it. The theater manager was kind enough to let me view the movie I originally paid to see. Do yourself a favor, save your money and go see anything but this crap.

Train wreck from the start

By: Neoman1962
Waste of the talented TH and WG.....playing horrible stereotypical characters. What is this film about? 2 sisters from different worlds trying to find middle ground? A romantic comedy? Catfishing? It's a mess.....should have gone str8 to video.....

No Fooling Around With This Review

By: rgkarim
Tiffany Haddish has gotten a major career surge since her time back in Girl's Trip. Her wild, loud, and aggressive personality has brought laughs on a variety of stages and it looks like there is no end in sight for the young woman's success given the number of things she has produced. And this weekend, the young woman tries again in a comedy that hopefully will bring some more magic to the mix. Robbie K with another review in the works, hoping to help guide your decision making process for the films. Let's get started as my focus today is on:

Movie: Nobody's Fool (2018)

Director:Tyler PerryWriter:Tyler PerryStars:Tiffany Haddish, Courtney Henggeler, Missi Pyle


Tiffany Haddish The star character needs to be mentioned, for Haddish is back in full swing with little to no filter. For most of this, I enjoyed her antics, her shouting bringing some solid dialog to life as she acts out every vengeful, hateful thought you've felt for someone who betrays you. It comes natural to her, and her energy runs through much of the movie keeping you not only into the movie, but awake as you laugh yourself silly enough to cry tears. The simplistic fun will be the bait for this movie and the heart of the entertainment.

Fast Pace: Given some of my dislikes to the movie, the pace of the movie helps curb those the factors by getting through the movie as fast as possible. Yes, you won't have to worry about prolonged, drawn out character development, or story design because this movie is all about the entertainment value and shoving it in your face. While normally rapid fire doesn't work for me, but this time, getting through the movie faster was a good thing.

Breaks From the Comedy: It's important to find some device to slow down and allow things to reset. Many don't like to do this, choosing to maximize the laughs to the point of making you either want to vomit, or laughing too hard your sides split. Surprisingly, Nobody's Fool utilizes the technique to allow a reprieve from the in your face comedy, giving the story some growing room to flourish and proceed, and build up for more future laughs. This kept me laughing through much of the movie, and for the most part at least brought some small balance to this extreme film.

The Lessons: Nobody's Fool is certainly about the laughs and drama, but the movie surprisingly has a crown jewel embedded in the raunchy mines of sex appeal and crude humor. The moral building, life lesson is a strong one, and the scene is very well-designed to bring the emotional heat with it. It utilizes all the techniques to bring it to full swing, it's just too bad that moment was then lost in more comedic craziness. Still kudos for trying.

Boyz II Men Song: Okay, small deterrent, but when a movie can use a song well and sort of revive the nostalgia you get bonus points with me. Nobody's Fool hits one of the best songs from the R&B group and while a little cheesy, utilizes it as a device to help the story and maximize the emotion. This might have been my favorite scene of the bunch, mostly because I like the song.


Filter Removed: Filters are tricky, but upon removal they can lead to the balance shifting way too much towards the aggressive, crude, and uncreative writing that many shows seem to go with. Nobody's Fool falls into this category, and while Haddish's delivery is top notch, I get tired of the over use of certain words. Probably won't bother many, but to this reviewer the stale writing is a little too much.

The Story: Linear, predictable, and quite boring, Nobody's Fool's story is like a Tyler Perry Drama trying to be funny without Madea. Rather than strong, character guided drama that leaves both main character and audience a little stronger and better. In this film though, the drama is mostly just excitement and gossip starting, trashy, sex driven antics that don't add much to the story. The silver lining of this, it adds fodder for Haddish and Whoopi Goldberg to bring some fantastic comedy work.

Danica: When you have a main character you expect mistakes and flaws at the beginning, but by the end can give them more respect. Not the case with this movie. Danica is not a character I jumped on board with, awful core characteristics, strong flaws, grandiose dialog, and a lack of intelligence that is surprisingly present. While there is some tapering, development and growth of Danica was rather shallow and quite honestly disappointing to see. Danica was not my cup of tea and I strongly wanted classic Tyler Perry to come back in and work his drama story magic.

Editing/Rush: Movies these days seems to have difficulty finding the art of knowing when enough is enough, and this movie continues to prove the theory. While still short enough, nobody's fool's editing is rather spotty at times, with extra scenes sort of piece into the film in an odd, awkward attempt to bridge to the next sequence. Some of these scenes were semi worth the inclusion, but many I felt were needless exclusion meant to be included on the deleted scenes section of the movie, including the final scene. Sorry if they are some of your favorite moments (which weren't ruined by the trailer), but editing needed to let these moments go.


Nobody's Fool is the predictable, fun, laugh riot that you are expecting when it comes to the trailer and the actress. And while it is funny at part, the movie's main thing is a lack of balance between drama and comedy. This film is designed to just be the aggressive, in your face smack fest that Haddish's energy is and if that's what you want, you've got to check this film out. Yet, if you are looking for a little more story, character development, and drama that is a little higher than a high school relationship gone wrong, this film is not meant for the theater visit.

Overall my scores are:

Comedy/Drama: 6.5-7.0Movie Overall: 4.5-5.0